BS22, Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset, England, United Kingdom


My Services


ASD/Additional needs

I offer counselling to young people and adults with ASD/Asperger's Syndrome/Autism or learning difference and to family members and loved ones.  This involves providing person-centred support and guidance around understanding and managing behaviours and helping you to develop new ways to help build your confidence and self-esteem.

You may be experiencing challenges with social, communication or having relationship difficulties. Counselling can help you to:

· Talk about how you are feeling, without being judged

· Understand your needs and what you want from your life

· Have quiet thinking space to process your thoughts and feelings in a safe place

· Learn coping strategies to help you manage life in a more positive way

· Learn relaxation techniques

· Explore relationships with others and with your self

I have worked for many years supporting young people and adults who have ASD, Autism,Asperger’s or a learning difference, in a variety of roles. 

I understand that for many young people and adults with complex needs or disabilities, struggling with stress, anxiety and daily life can be challenging and unsettling and symptoms can sometimes be extremely overwhelming. I tailor my approach to best suit the needs of my clients. 

I am listed on the NAS (National Autistic Society) services directory website. This recognises my professional status and my experience and training in Autism. 

young people

I work with young people struggling with the following issues: 

  • low self-esteem
  • body image
  • anxiety
  • depression/low mood
  • attachment issues
  • bereavement and loss
  • peer pressure and bullying
  • exam stress
  • self-harm
  • family difficulties
  • relationship matters 
  • sexuality  
  • trauma
  • anger problems

Counselling can provide you with the space to talk about how you are feeling without the fear of being judged. This space allows you to express your feelings and explore and understand what is happening in your world and what may have caused you to feel this way.

I use a range of creative therapeutic interventions, encouraging the opportunity for exploration, self-awareness and building resilience


I am also proud to support the local LGBTQ community.